Good pledgers to the GOHOME Campaign,

Forty-one days after out-of-state intruders seized the unoccupied Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters, the Refuge is finally free and back in control of the public.

Thank you to each of you for contributing to the non-violent pressure this campaign exerted on the occupiers.  And thank you for your donation, which will help rebuild the physical and civic damage done by the occupation.  As promised this message is focused on how you can Make Good on your pledge - and how we all can show that this type of campaign results in tangible benefits in the real world.  By fulfilling your pledge you show that this model is effective and can serve as a deterrent to future coercive Bundy-style occupations.  We need the final donated amount to be BIG, so that history records that the Bundys raised a TON of money against their own cause through their futile occupation.

Donating is easy.  We offer below 1) an online method or 2) a by-mail method of donating.  It is your choice which you prefer.  The most important thing to know is that you are donating DIRECTLY to the Burns Paiute, Friends of Malheur NWR, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and Americans for Responsible Solutions.  Though this requires you to donate four times, it will allow you the assurance that the G.O.H.O.M.E. campaign will take NONE of your money - we will never touch it.  Every penny goes right to the four groups and their Good Works.  It has been our privilege to be a part of this effort, and we do not want the campaign sullied by allegations of financial impropriety.

DIRECTIONS (some math required, sorry!)
For Daily Pledgers: First, calculate your final donation amount: YOUR DAILY PLEDGE x 41 days = TOTAL DONATION

Next, take your TOTAL DONATION and divide by 4, so 1/4 can be donated to each of the four groups below.  This is our suggested division and what our campaign promised, but if you should want to allocate your donation differently, that is your choice.  Similarly, some of you have asked about increasing your donation - that is WONDERFUL and HUGELY appreciated.  Feel free to let us know by email when you donate extra so we can increase the G.O.H.O.M.E. campaign's recorded total raised.

If you have any question about your pledge, just email and we can address any questions (i.e., remind you of your daily pledge amount if you forgot).

For One-time donors: just divide your one-time donation by 4 and donate 1/4 to each group.

Click on the links below and make your donation with a credit or debit card via secure websites:


Write four checks following the directions below:

  • BURNS PAIUTE KID'S HOUSE: Write your check to "Burns Paiute Tribe".  In the For line, write "GOHOME campaign".  Mail your check to:
    • Burns Paiute Tribe
    • c/o Margaret Swaboda (Kid's House)
    • 100 Pasigo Street
    • Burns, Oregon, 97720
  • FRIENDS OF MALHEUR NWR: Write your check to "Friends of MNWR".  In the For line, write "GOHOME campaign".  Mail your check to:
    • Friends of MNWR
    • 36391 Sodhouse Lane
    • Princeton, OR 97721
  • SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER: Write your check to "Southern Poverty Law Center".  In the For line, write "GOHOME campaign".  Mail your check to:
    • Southern Poverty Law Center
    • 400 Washington Ave
    • Montgomery, AL 36104
  • AMERICANS FOR RESPONSIBLE SOLUTIONS: Write your check to "Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC".  In the For line, write "GOHOME campaign".  Include a note with: 1) Your First name, Last Name; 2) Your full mailing address; 3) Your occupation & employer; 4) A statement that you are an American Citizen.  This information is legally necessary because Americans for Responsible Solutions works to enforce/strengthen gun control laws through public policy changes.  Mail your check to:
    • Americans for Responsible Solutions
    • PO BOX 15642
    • Washington, DC 20003
For your records, your donations to three of the four groups are tax deductible.  Donations to Americans for Responsible Solutions are NOT tax deductible.

Thank you for your donation and your push for some GOOD to come from this occupation.  And thank you again for the privilege of channeling your voice in support of freeing Oregon's Malheur NWR and returning it to the Birds - and to the American people. 

This dark time will hopefully brighten into a beautiful new day for the Malheur NWR, for eastern Oregon, and for us all.  The Malheur is a place capable of such magic, as observed by an Oregon poet-laureate:

Malheur before Dawn

An owl sound wandered along the road with me.

I didn’t hear it–I breathed it into my ears.

Little ones at first, the stars retired, leaving

polished little circles on the sky for awhile.

Then the sun began to shout from below the horizon.

Throngs of birds campaigned, their music a tent of sound.

From across a pond, out of the mist,

one drake made a V and said its name.

Some vast animal of air began to rouse

from the reeds and lean outward.

Frogs discovered their national anthem again.

I didn’t know a ditch could hold so much joy.

So magic a time it was that I was both brave and afraid.

Some day like this might save the world.

–William Stafford

"Some day like this might save the world" - what an appropriate sentiment for today, the end of 41 days of division and anger.  And the salvation of one of Oregon's truly great places.

Let us know if you have ANY questions.

Jake and Zach

PS We had several pledgers encourage us to add the Malheur NWR Field Station itself (that is the occupied Refuge facility and its staff) to our list of supported groups.  Though we thought it unfair to add a new group after the campaign began, the Malheur NWR Field Station is certainly worthy of support.  Should you want to support the Field Station, click on THIS LINK and click the "DONATE" button on the right-hand side.  I know I personally am adding a bit to my donation in support of the Field Station.

PPS Similarly, some pledger wanted a means of supporting the people and business of the Burns and Harney County who stood bravely throughout the occupation despite the challenge to the community.  After researching it, our best suggestion is to travel to the area and spend your money and share your goodwill there.  There will certainly be a celebration when the Malheur NWR is officially reopened (donations to Friends of Malheur NWR will help pay for that) and, remember, it is your Refuge.  Try to get out there, see what you have helped protect, and offer your support directly.

PPPS And for those of you who like to get your hands dirty, the Oregon Natural Desert Association is collecting volunteers to help work to rebuild and repair the Refuge and the Refuge headquarters.  If you are interested, click on this link and volunteer.  And be sure to tell us about it!

PPPPS Now that Cliven Bundy has been arrested in Portland, it is possible all these reprobates will be put on trial for their illegal occupation and past misdeeds here in Oregon.  Such trials are open to the public and if you want to see Justice in action, check in at the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse in Portland.  It is your right as a member of the public to witness the wheels of justice turning (though be warned, the wheels turn slowly).