I love this powerful pacifist response to a troubling movement. The occupiers clearly want a fight, even dying for their cause, which is a total misconstruing of the Constitution. We need to fight back in our own way and perhaps this is it. Thank you for leading G.O.H.O.M.E.
— S.S.B.
We are so sad that our common wealth, this treasure we all share, is being stolen by a group of mean spirited, selfish, armed outlaws.
— G&H S
Good luck in trying to turn this situation around peacefully. What these people have done and are doing is just wrong. Allowing children to be part of the situation is especially reprehensible. These people had so many ways to try to change public opinion and move the needle politically in favor of their views. Instead, they have purposely created a potentially volatile situation. They have proven themselves to be hypocrites (e.g., shouting down counter-protesters trying to make a statement to the press at the refuge but whining about being ejected from a meeting of Harney County residents for interrupting a speaker). And they have chosen to ignore or demonize all those who disagree with their fringe positions (e.g., discounting Sheriff Ward’s authority because he doesn’t see it as his place to try to eject the federal presence in Harney County). I am originally from Utah and it embarrasses me that people from my home region of the United States would behave like these armed occupiers.
— Jason M.
Get the f#^+ out of my county! Stop scapegoating the Hammonds and Harney County’s past to further your own agenda! We as a county don’t want that land! We want to keep it public for all Americans to enjoy and not just profit from!
— S.V.
If you truly believe in democracy, you must realize that nobody has elected you to decide what the Constitution means. If you differ with policies enacted by elected representatives, work to elect others. Your actions are those of simple criminals.
— Richard H.
I’ve visited dozens of National Wildlife Refuges and love them all. I look forward to the day that these idiots are all rotting in jail cells, and Cliven Bundy too, but until that day comes, I can at least know that each day they remain free is more money supporting great organizations working to repair or prevent the damage that morons like the Bundys cause.
— J.R.
You made a mistake. Go home and join your families.
You made a mistake. Go home and connect with your community.
You made a mistake. Go home and apologize. This is not your first mistake and won’t be your last. You are human after all.
You made a mistake. Go home and find constructive ways to fit into the world. Don’t let this mistake become your legacy.
— Mary Ann
I’d like to challenge everyone who has ever sung “This Land Is Your Land” to match my li’l ol’ $5 pledge and then get your Facebook Friends and summer camp buddies to do the same. There’s got to be a lot of people out there who can spare $5 for this cause. It’s easy to sit back and bitch about how ridiculous these people are. Here is a chance to act. And it costs about as much as a Venti latte. Hear that Bundys? I’m skipping my latte and everyone around me will hear why.
— Banjo
Please let the boys know that I’m looking forward to seeing their assets and those of their supporters (bank accounts and such) frozen soon as should be done per protocol for terrorists and as a justifiable step for those who already owe the public for grazing fees and fines. Hope the feds eventually throw the book at these domestic terrorists, possibly giving a partial break only to those who come to their senses first. Meanwhile, we — the people and government (closely related in this country, hello, we’re self-governing!) can wait and continue to use the armed occupation to raise funds for citizens who respect our laws and legal ways of resolving disputes.
— Jim
In all my years the only crisis that has infuriated me more than this armed takeover of the Bundys and their cohorts was 9/11/01. These lands are for our precious wildlife first and foremost. Secondly, the wildlife preserve is intended for ALL AMERICANS and our visitors. Where did you (Bundy and cohorts) get the notion that it is ok for you to take over our lands and hide behind your weapons???? What gives you that right? What gives you the right to disrupt the lives of the local people? On top of that you HARASS them. What gives you the right to use OUR (the taxpayers) money due to the additional federal and state government resources needed to oversee your ILLEGAL occupation???? Then you ask for vanilla coffee creamers and cigarettes. Forget going home Bundy, put your hands out so that you can be handcuffed and taken to jail (and then prison) where you belong.
— Kathryn
Hurts my 74-year old heart to see these beautiful wildlife and native lands trampled by men who hide behind the wives and children they’ve brought in to protect them from arrest. They’ll never be real men until they send the children home.
— Karen
One of the things I love most about Oregon, in addition to the awesome beauty of the state, is the ability of Oregonians to work together to resolve issues within the state. We DO NOT NEED outsiders invading our state to “help the ranchers.” The ranchers, and the rest of us, are very capable of helping ourselves. GO HOME.
— M.L.
Dear Armed Occupiers of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge:
You are not the answer to everyone’s problems. Harney County was working fine without you - and was working to remedy problems you are now jumping into without proper knowledge.
The Paiutes were working fine without you. Thinking that you are straightening their archives out for them again shows you are jumping into things without proper knowledge.
You say that government works best at the local level. True. Get the heck out! You don’t belong here! You are NOT the answers to the locals’ problems.

Work out YOUR OWN salvation - not somebody else’s.
Aamon, I’m sorry that your mother sold the Bentley and didn’t get you to soccer practices on time. Really, it’s time to let it go. Remember, choice and actions are powerful things. Now if you don’t want your kids growing up having to atone for your indiscretions (oh well, that’s too late), it’s time to apologize and live civilly. Keep in mind that social laws work for everyone - your laws only work for yourselves and seem to change as the wind blows. Looking forward to your jail time and fines!!
— Jennifer
I think it is a great idea to give money to organizations that are antithetical to what the French Vanilla Creamer boys want. I figure I own 2 acres of Federal land, and if this crapola continues, I may just decide to take my 2 acres in Malheur.
— Michael
Occupiers— you are costing Harney County $70K per day, federal taxpayers $23.4K per day for salaries of those who can’t work because of you, and $40K per day in lost recreational tourism. That’s $133,400 per day and doesn’t even count the cost of FBI presence and support! You are harming the people you say you are there to help. GO HOME
— Donna
Please go home. You are costing me and my family money. You are causing my state to spend money they otherwise could spend on my children’s education. Like me, you have a right to vote. You do not have a right to steal my land. It is public land and belongs to all of us. You are not welcome in our State. Go home! We don’t want you here. The FBI should move in and take you in custody and the US should prosecute you for your criminal acts.
— Tina, Oregon
To the Bundy Gang: Burns doesn’t want you, Harney County doesn’t want you, and Oregon doesn’t want you. Go occupy someplace in your own state!
To the occupiers: This land is OUR land. You are defying the will of the county’s residents, the will of the state’s residents, and the legal understanding of two centuries of American patriotism. You have defiled treasures that do NOT belong to you. Whatever you think God has called you to do, you are WRONG, and your God will not be pleased. Go now, GO.
— Karen Z.
To the Bundy Gang at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge,
As U.S. Citizens we are all entitled to use of the public lands. These lands serve a variety of purposes that benefit wildlife, recreational outdoorsman, ranchers, native peoples and many more. For one group of citizens, ranchers, to take over public lands for their exclusive use and benefit is a crime against all others who seek a different use for those lands. There is so much irony in this as you purport to be working to the benefit of people who are faithful to the constitution when in fact you are grinding your dirty boots into the fabric of our nation and our democracy.
I do not want to discount your cause and your passion for it, but you are going about it wrong. Please respect the citizens of the United States of America. Please return the refuge to the all US citizens.
There is important and good work being done at the refuge that needs to be allowed to continue. Let the native peoples and the volunteers and employees of the refuge return to their good work.
I pray that this ends peaceably and without bloodshed. Do the right thing. Man up and go home.
— Dianne G.
Occupiers: You say the FBI has no authority to act there. Using your logic, since you do not live on Oregon or Harney county, you should admit that YOU have no authority to act or represent anyone there.
Terrorists are people who try to push other people under their control by using fear. This is you. This is more than mere bullying. Threatening people with implied violence is selfish, un-American and intolerable. Go Home.
— an Oregonian
I’m here. Want a bonus pledge? How bout five bucks a year for each year Bundy is sentenced.
... Let’s keep Teddy’s dream in one piece.
— Jim
As a land use professional with a strong background in property rights this is simply driving me crazy. 100 years of Supreme Court refinement and a national ethic regarding public land seem meaningless to the bundyites and their supporters in the media and in congress.
Mr. Bundy,
You said if the community told you to leave, you would. They did and you aren’t. You said the Sheriff of Harney County is the authority, but you ignore his orders for you to leave. You tear down fences without any verification of the legal owners of that property. You harbor a convicted felon, seemingly allowing him to be armed despite his having lost that right with his conviction. You call yourself a patriot, wave the flag, and quote the constitution, but you then say you don’t recognize the federal government’s authority; clearly you are nothing but a domestic terrorist using almost any method to get what you want. If you truly believe in the Constitution, then use the system set up in the Constitution to fight for your belief and not your current methods. I suspect that one reason you don’t is you know you’ll lose because the Property Clause of Article IV of the Constitution allows exactly what you claim is prohibited.
But at least you’re raising money for some awesome causes: Friends of Malheur NWR, Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC (gun violence prevention), Burns Paiute Tribe (original owners of the land you illegally occupy), and the Southern Poverty Law Center. The longer you stay, the more money they get! But given that you’re children and other family members are undoubtedly missing you and you’re preventing maintenance, etc. to the ongoing wildlife and fishery programs at the NWR, it is time to

— Donna S., Oregon
Please leave peacefully. Please go now. Everyone wants this to end.
— Kathleen
Godspeed, gentlepersons.
— Pete
The value of this land, and any other land held in the public trust by the federal government, is beyond what can simply be extracted from it. Public means public, not Bundy, and I am ready for these criminals to head to jail.
You have made yourselves prominent in the national press. You have made your case the best you can. You have made a spectacle of yourselves. You have attracted a following among anti-American outliers. You have shown yourselves to be fools. You are creating a toxic atmosphere which will choke out any message you might have made.
You must take responsibility for yourselves. Acknowledge your crimes and accept the results of a fair trial.
But above all, leave. You are not, and have never been, welcome in Oregon. Go home and await your arrest. You are in the wrong and you will be judged. Go home.
— - an Oregonian
Typically, election year chest-pounding, finger wagging, and primal screaming causes me to retreat from the world. I gather a few good books and shelter myself from the storm of thundering platitudes. What brings me out of my foxhole this time is the news that Ammon Bundy and his herd of heavily armed dimwits have taken over buildings at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns.
I take this personally because my wife Marge uses those buildings as part of a class she teaches at the University of Oregon Archaeology Field School. The buildings were meant to serve the public by providing educational material on the Malheur refuge. Our friend Carla Burnside, who works at the very building now being occupied, has written an excellent book, Malheur’s Legacy, 100 Years of Conservation, for anyone interested in the history of this magnificent place. The buildings also house collections of native plants used by researchers like Marge and her students. The Malheur National Wildlife Refuge has also had a good working relationship with the Burns Paiute. Dozens of petroglyphs dating back thousands of years are near the buildings Bundy’s group now occupies. For the Paiute – and all Native Americans - this is sacred ground.
Bundy’s call to arms has gone largely unanswered. Presumably because our local militias and Burns area ranchers have caller ID. They’ve decided to sit this one out, reasoning that Ammon Bundy, with his assault rifles and band of minions, can fend off the five or six birdwatchers that might inadvertently stumble upon this quaint little Alamo.
The catalyst for the Bundy invasion into Oregon is Dwight Hammond and his son Steven, scofflaw ranchers from Burns who set the range on fire, not once, but twice; first to destroy evidence of their poaching, and second, to protect the land from fire (yes, you read that right). Responsible locals take these matters seriously because the cost of fighting wildfires in Oregon is over 200 million dollars annually. The Hammonds have been found guilty and sentenced in accordance with laws brought to us by law-and-order conservatives, who a few years back objected to the discretion given to judges (presumably liberal ones) in sentencing criminals. The right wing narrative: axe murderers required to sit in the corner for a few minutes before resuming their careers as university poets and daycare operators. The result: an increase in mandatory minimum sentencing laws.
Did the Hammonds put others at risk by their actions? Yes - other ranchers, cattle, firefighters. …and let’s not forget my dear wife and the students from the University of Oregon field school. I’ve seen wildfires in that country - flames moving as fast as the wind, junipers exploding as if they were soaked in gasoline. The field school is located about thirty miles from Burns. Are the sentences the Hammonds received harsh? Perhaps, but I think it’s a tad ironic that those who now sing soprano about judicial overkill are still wearing the same choir hats as when the tubas were oomp-pahing the theme for Law and Order. If they have such strong objections to mandatory minimum sentences, they should change their tune, and change the law.
Ammon Bundy might be feeling a bit lonely. Lacking the hoard of followers he had predicted, he has now altered his mission statement. Since the Hammond family has rejected their offer of protection from the law, Bundy has newly proclaimed he is on a “MISSION FROM GOD!” (It sounded more believable when it came from Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi).
I’m frustrated that there are some in the national media humming a mantra about patriots defending the constitution from government overreach. There’s one problem here; the United States Constitution has that pesky ol’ Property Clause (Article 4, Section 3, Clause 2) which clearly gives the Feds the right to own and manage land, which makes it unclear exactly which constitution Mr. Bundy is defending.
Somewhere in this fiasco is an opportunity to educate people. But so far the left has given us pablum, while Fox News serves up drivel. Why not challenge Ammon Bundy’s delusional ranting with an actual quote from our Constitution, perhaps followed by a gesture toward the 125 years of related case law?
There is another teaching opportunity here, but first the authorities need to quit worrying about hurting Mr. Bundy’s feelings. I’m not suggesting we drop a cluster bomb, after all, there are valuable botanical collections in there. But the sooner the windbag runs out of wind the better for all of us. This gun waving is getting old. Christmas break is over yet kids – still buzzing from all those candy canes - are being held out of school, and as a direct consequence parents are pleading, “DO SOMETHING FERCRYZAKE! Lower a skunk down the chimney, or drop a ferret in his sweatpants!” As the delusional bastards wobble out of town we could point and say, “Pay attention kids; mind your manners...or see what can happen to ya!”
— Pete H